Thursday, 31 May 2012

OBIEE 11g6: Getting Top-N Sales Reps Using Results Selection Steps

  1. Select the three columns "Sales Rep Name", Revenue, Revenue to show in your Results.

  2. Click on the third column "Revenue" options and select "Edit Formula"
  3. On the"Edit Column Formula" window insert the function "f(...)" under Functions -> Aggregate -> Rank and select OK, compare with below screenshot:

  4. Click on the third column "Revenue" options and select Sort -> "Sort Ascending" and make sure your "Selected Columns" is as below:

  5. Click the "Results" tab and your output should look like the below showing each "Sales Rep Name" with their equivalent accomplished "Revenue" and Rank.

  6. At the bottom of the "Results" window select the "+" to expand the "Selection Steps" Window

  7. In the "Selection Steps" Window select option 2. under the "Sales Rep - Sales Rep Name".
    Select the link "Then, New Step" and then the  "Apply a Condition" option

  8. In the "New Condition Step" windows select the "Top 10 based on X"  for the Condition Type.
    for the Action select "Keep only"
    for the Operator select "is top"
    for the Rank enter "10" and make sure the % check box is de-selected.
    for the Measure make sure it shows "Base Facts"."Revenue" column.

  9. After verifying that the above values are proper click the OK button.
    You table should then show the Top 10 Sales Representatives only for all the years existing in your database.

  10. In the above screenshot you have achieved the Top-10 ranks using another method after data is retrieved by using the "Selection Steps" process.

This is another way to show who all are the Top-10 Sales Representatives making the most business for your company. We have achieved this by using the "Selection Steps" window after the data is being retrieved into the resultant table.

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