Thursday, 14 June 2012

OBIEE 11g6: Fixing Weblogic and bi_server1 startup issues due to corrupted files

  1. Enter into the directory:  C:\OracleFMW\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\security
  2. make a copy of rename the copy to
  3. edit the and make sure the below is entered, here "administrator1" is the original password used to login before the corruption happened:

  4. Enter into the directory:  C:\OracleFMW\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\data
  5. rename the ldap folder to ldap.ORG
  6. make a new folder with the name "ldap"
  7. You need to repeat the above steps for changing the and creating new ldap folder for the Managed "bi_server1" also under the directories:

  8. Open up the command prompt then "cd" to C:\OracleFMW\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin and execute "startManagedWebLogic.cmd" command.
  9. Start the nodemanager service if it is not running, by going to the "Control Panel" -> "System and Security" -> "Administrative Tools" then open up the "Services"  and start the the service :  "Oracle WebLogic NodeManager (C_OracleFMW_wlserver_10.3)"
  10. Now open the location in a browser  "http://localhost:7001/console"  and login with the new user and password i.e weblogic/administrator1
  11. on the left side in the "Domain Structure" go to bifoundation_domain -> Environment -> Servers.
  12. On the right "Summary of Servers" Pane click the "Control" tab.
  13. Select the "bi_server1" then click the "Start" button.
  14. Click "Yes"  when asked: "You have selected the following servers to be started. Press 'Yes' to continue or 'No' to cancel"
  15. Once your "bi_server1" Managed Server is started and you see the "State" and "RUNNING", this you can be refreshing the page by clicking on the "Servers" link under bifoundation_domain -> Environment -> Servers.
  16. We now need to shutdown both the "AdminServer(admin)" and "bi_server1".
  17. Goto the "Control" Tab and select the "bi_server1" and select "Shutdown" -> "Force Shutdown Now"

  18. Click the "Yes" button when asked: "You have selected the following servers to be immediately shut down. Press 'Yes' to continue or 'No' to cancel."
  19. Goto the "Control" Tab and select the "AdminServer" and select "Shutdown" -> "Force Shutdown Now"
  20. Click the "Yes" button when asked: "You have selected the following servers to be immediately shut down. Press 'Yes' to continue or 'No' to cancel."
  21. Now you can use the below to start back your OBIEE 11g services:
    C:\OracleFMW\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\StartStopServices.cmd start_all shortcut
    use the ./opmnctl startall
  22. Open the http://localhost:7001/em and goto "Farm_bifoundation_domain" -> "Weblogic_Domain" -> bifoundation_domain.
  23. On the right side pane select "Weblogic Domain" -> Security -> Credentials.
  24. Expand the and select the system.user and click the Edit link

  25. Keep the defaults and only change the password to a new password. as show below:

  26. Click Ok.
  27. Goto the http://localhost:7001/em location in your web browser.
  28. Goto the "Farm_bifoundation_domain" -> "Business Intelligence" -> coreapplication.
  29. On the right pane select the "Deployment" tab then the "Repository" tab and note the repository being used in this case it is: BISAMPLE_BI0014.

  30. Now stop all the OBIEE processes. with ./opmnctl stopall or the "Stop BI Servcies" shortcut
  31. Open the "Oracle BI Administration Tool" and open the BISAMPLE_BI0014.rpd in offline mode
  32. Goto Manage -> Identity and under "Identity Management" -> "BI Repository" delete all the users i.e weblogic or any other admin users.
  33. Come out of the "Identity Manager" and save your changes and close the "Administration Tool".
  34. Now restart all your servcies with the "Start BI Services"
  35. Now try to login into http://localhost:9704/analytics
You might need to delete the "cacheduserinfo" and "cacheduserinfo.atr" files under:
and also you might have to fiddle with the other steps mentioned in the doc:
OBIEE 11g6: Deleting and Re-Creating Users in Weblogic LDAP Server
to get your OBIEE analytics to be able to log you in.

  1. With the many changing features in the OBIEE 11g security model, the below are the few things to keep in mind while debbugging login issues:
  2. Make sure that your both URLs are tried:  http://localhost:9704/analytics and http://<Local-IP>:9704/analytics.
  3. Make sure that GUIDs are properly refreshed with changes in NQSConfig.ini and instantconfig.xml files with a restart of OBIEE processes.
  4. Make sure that the BISystemUser credentials are updated in the http://localhost:7001/em page.
  5. Make sure that the currently deployed ".rpd" file has the stale "weblogic" user reference deleted and redeployed if neccessary.
  6. Lastly you can create a user BISystemUser in your http://localhost:7001/console and add  "Administrators" Group and repeat step 4 under Summary, restart all services and login to analytics again.

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