Wednesday, 4 July 2012

OBIEE 11g6: Creating Scrolling Ticker Views

This demonstration shows how we can create ticker boxes to show scrolling content for example some market results or other eye appealing information.

  1. Open the URL:    http://localhost:9704/analytics and login as administrator user "weblogic"
  2. Goto the "New" -> Analysis -> "Sample Sales" and select the  below 5 columns as shown:
  3. i.e. "Customer Name", "Product" , "Units" , "Revenue" and  another "Revenue" column.

  4. Select the 5th column options and select "Edit formula".
  5. In the "Column Formula" section select "F(...)" and in the "Insert Function" window select "Aggregate" -> "Rank" so the formula shows:
  6. RANK("Base Facts"."Revenue") and click the "OK" button.

  7. Select the 4th "Revenue" column options and select "Sort" -> "Sort Descending"
  8. Next select the "Results" tab  to show the report.
  9. On the "Subject Areas" menu select "New View" -> "Other Views >" -> Ticker as shown in below screenshot.

  10. Click on "Edit View" on the "Ticker" menu.
  11. Once the Ticker screen opens, click on the "Clear Fields" button to clear all fields.
  12. Select the "Contains HTML Markup" checkbox.
  13. Select "Up" for the "Direction" field.
  14. Enter "700" for the "Width" field and leave the "Height" field empty.
  15. Enter the below in text in the "Row Format" field:

    <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;<font color="#000099"><b>@1</b></font>  is ranked <b>#@5</b> with revenue of <font color="green"><b>@4</b></font> for selling <b>@3</b> units of <font color="#009900"><b>@2</b></font> </p>

  16. Cilck the "Advanced..." button.
  17. Enter "2" for the "Scroll Amount" field.
  18. Enter 1 for the "Scroll Delay" field.
  19. Enter below text for the "Additional Marquee Attributes" field:

    onMouseEnter=this.stop(); onMouseLeave=this.start(); onmouseover=this.stop(); onmouseout=this.start(); class=TickerMarquee

  20. Click "OK" button to close the "Advanced Ticker Options" window.
  21. Then click on the "Done" button to go back to the "Results" tab with "Compound Layout".

  22. Click on the "Save Analysis" icon to save your report.
  23. Click on the "Show how results will look on a Dashboard" icon to open the window as below with the ticker box scrolling text upwards.

Here we saw that by applying html formatting we can achieve almost what ever layout to our data columns.

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